Dogs can be man’s best friends because they offer attention, companionship and lots of love. But even the dearest ones can sometimes become quite unpleasant with their barking habits or excessive noises.

In addition to annoying barks, a noisy pet can cause problems with neighbors, dismiss visitors and cause great inconvenience. Furthermore, it is important for one thing to be clear: dogs must bark, as its their natural way of expressing themselves and communicating, showing joy for someone who has just arrived or unfamiliarity with a stranger.

So, for dog lovers, barking is normal, and even pleasurable. Nevertheless, it is important to identify when the bark is natural and when it is excessive and is becoming a problem for you and even your friend.

stop dog barking

How to train a dog not to bark?

Controlling your dog’s barking is an important part of your responsibility as an owner. After all, excessive barking can be annoying not only for you but also for your neighbors. To this end, some tips on how to stop dog barking include:

1. Act directly on the cause of bark

As stated earlier, barking is one of the main ways a dog has to communicate. So nothing is more natural than him barking to warn that he is hungry, thirsty, afraid, feeling alone, bored or in pain.

Before taking any action to reduce barking, it is critical to identify the cause and act on it. For example, if the dog barks to warn that it is hungry, try to create a routine. If the dog barks from being bored, buy interactive toys to stimulate him.

2. Do not shout

As smart as your four-legged friend is, he will not understand what is being said. Therefore, by shouting, you make the pet even more excited and, worse, will show that noise is allowed in your home.

Dogs learn a lot from observation: if they notice that their guardian is calm and quiet, they will relax and stop barking. So instead of raising your voice, do the opposite and speak firmly but in a controlled manner. This will help the pet understand that this is not an alarming situation.

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3. Reward the dog’s efforts

Dogs love snacks, and this can be used for training! If you have a dog that barks excessively, wait until it stops barking, then reward him with a treat or a pat.

Little by little, he will learn that barking is not the best way to get what he wants and he should stop barking excessively.

4. Impose limits

A question for many dog owners is how to make their dog stop barking aimlessly. As has been said, dogs will bark naturally, but the most important thing is not to be excessive.

Every time your dog makes a noise, set up a limit for its barking. For example, you can allow it to bark for 4 times, then begin to calmly and steadily ask him to stop. And reward him when he does that.

stop dog barking

How to stop dog barking when left alone?

A dog can bark if he is left alone at home. To stop this, try to leave the music or radio on to provide a replica of human sounds. You could as well provide toys which would demand additional work to keep him busy while you are away.

Another good way to reduce separation anxiety is to give your dog an old unwashed clothing or any item that has a strong smell it can relate with your family.

As soon as you return, play a little with your dog and exercise with him. The dog will have missed you and there is no better way to restore the bond.

stop dog barking

How to stop dog barking at night?

Owning a dog that barks excessively before sunrise is frustrating. And yet, contrary to popular beliefs, it exists. A dog will bark at night if he feels a danger around the house, such as an animal roaming or an unusual light. The animals are quite sensitive, and their survival instincts are very strong.

The best thing to do to prevent your dog from being afraid of the surrounding noise and barking excessively at night is to keep it in your room at night. Thus, he will be less inclined to hear outside sounds and you will be there to reassure him if something happens. You can also use white noise to mask other ambient noises, for example, a fan or soft music.

stop dog barking

How to train a dog not to bark at strangers?

If your dog barks at strangers, you must not shout to silence him, because he may tend to confuse the high voice with a further bark and this would only reinforce his instinctive reaction. You must instead try to abruptly interrupt the bark, for example with a clap of hands and , once the attention of the dog is attracted, it is necessary to pronounce a clear command that must remain unchanged in all the circumstances in which its reaction is repeated, to example: shut up! or silence!

In conclusion, training is always the best way to correct your dog’s behavior problems. However, remember that in most cases, barking is a dog’s normal behavior and you only need to take action when this becomes unreasonable and harmful.

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