Dog training techniques stands as an avenue for pets to learn specific behaviors and obedience and is performed using certain defined techniques, according to the needs of each pet. Comfort dog training can be done by the pet owner himself, for example, obedience to commands such as sitting and lying down.

For more complex situations such as training dogs for agility, athletes, blind assistants or police investigators, Professional dog training through the help of specialized professionals is needed.

 Furthermore, dog training at home is an essential step and must respect the dog’s individuality, so it is crucial that the trainer builds a trusting relationship and looks at the unique ways each animal responds to commands. In this type of training, it is common to use dog treats, which would work as a reward for the dog whenever he presents the requested behaviour.

Dogs, like other pets, learn by association and repetition, so it must associate the reward to the behaviour it has just performed and relates it to the coach’s command.

Moving further, the trainer can gradually eliminate the snack and make the dog perform a certain behaviour only by following voice commands, or do them spontaneously, as is the case with training so that he can meet his needs in places predetermined by the owner.

Dog training techniques

Dog training is a constant concern among dog owners, but learning a few techniques can help ease some day-to-day tasks with the pet. Dog training should also be started when the dog is at the puppy stage, as this is the phase of building the dog’s habits. Puppy training is quite essential so that any misbehavior that the dog may have will be corrected before it enters adulthood. However, nothing prevents the process from being performed with adult dogs. To this end, some dog training techniques include:

dog training techniques How to sit dog

1. How to sit

To teach the dog to sit, take a snack and let it smell. The natural reaction of many dogs is to sit as if waiting for food. If this happens, reward it with words of encouragement or an appetizer. This is usually the first step in dog training, as other commands depend on it.

If the pet does not feel aroused after smelling the snack, there are other ways to teach the dog to sit. Still, with the snack, move your hand to the back of its head. The intention is that the dog follows the movement of your hand and feels the need to sit. When it finally does what you want, be sure to reward it.

Even so, some pets may not understand. To show the dog that it should sit, gently push the dog’s chest while pressing the butt to a sitting position, then reward it.

During dog training, you must as well repeat the keyword you want, such as “sit down!” To get it used to the command, and you’re done: you’ve taught the dog to sit down!

dog training techniques how to lie down

2. How to lie down

To show the dog to lie down, place some snacks in front of the dog’s muzzle and lower your hand to the floor. When following the gesture, the pet should place the elbows of its front paws on the floor. When it does that, don’t forget the reward! You can also use keywords so that the dog understands the command without needing the snack in the future. This task is more complex, and a little more training may be required during dog training.

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dog training techniques stay with dog

3. How to stay

If you want to teach the dog to stay, have the pet sit down and start rewarding it with snacks just for being in that position. At this point, you have to keep his attention without letting it move as well.

After doing this for a few minutes, make the “stop” gesture, and say the chosen keyword, such as “stay”, for example, and slowly move away. It may be necessary to repeat the command word during dog training as you walk away to make it understand that it should stay still.

You can alternate the keyword with little encouragement phrases like “good boy” or “very well”. Then come back and repeat the process to teach the dog to stay. If the dog tries to follow you, return and get him back to the starting point, and repeat the entire training process.

In conclusion, who resists a cute dog looking at him with a “pick me up” look? Nobody! However, for the dog’s relationship with the family to be healthy and happy, it is crucial to know how to train the dog. Furthermore, dog training at home comes as a great option, but if you desire to make it much more stress-free, its best to engage the help of professionals who provide online dog training materials. One of such is the excellent product named “Secrets To Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

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