When you stop to think about it, it’s amazing that humans and dogs can live together. In addition to being totally different animals, we also see, hear, smell, taste and feel the world very differently, and process everything through a very different brain.

The dog’s behavior can be cute and endearing, or it can be destructive and annoying. Before, when all dogs were wild, actions such as chewing, smelling and barking were not a problem. Now that dogs are a common part of human families, these natural behaviors can become problematic behaviors.

Dog behavior problem is a bad side of a relationship with your dog, but since it is very common, you have to learn to deal with it. There are many behavioral problems in dogs that leave us thinking: Why are they doing that? What are the causes and what can I do to stop this behavior?

Common Dog Behavior Problems And How To Solve Them And Stop Dog Barking

There are several reasons behind each problem of dog behavior, and they manifest themselves differently depending on the breed and the needs of the dog. To this end, below are some of the most common dog behavior problems and how to solve them:

Dog Barking

1. Barking

Excessive barking by dogs is usually considered as a major behavioral problem. As a result, every dog owner ought to know how to train a dog not to bark.

Before you attempt to stop dog barking, it is also essential to find out why the dog is barking. This could include an attempt to get attention, because they want to play, for anxiety and boredom when left alone, when they encounter strangers or because they are responding to other dogs.

How to stop dog barking when left alone

Separation anxiety is one of the most discussed dog behavior problems which often results into excessive barking by dogs. You can stop a dog from barking when left alone by giving it an old clothing or any other item which possesses a strong smell it can easily relate with your family.

How to stop dog barking at night

Many dogs resolve to barking at night for various reasons such as unclear vision of objects in the environment or sensing of danger.

If you desire to stop dog barking at night, you can keep him in a secured room at night, or get rid of possible noise triggers around the compound such as empty cans or open dust bins which can attract other animals.

How to train a dog not to bark at strangers

if your dog barks too much when he sees strangers, it may indicate that he is not confident or feels uncomfortable when meeting new people. This behavior may result into huge concerns for both the dog owner and other people.

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 An excellent method to prevent the barking of the dog in the street in the presence of strangers is to pull the leash and anticipate the bark from the dog , then give the command to silence him. It may take a while for the dog to fully understand your commands and, in the event that it obeys, it is good to reward it with snacks. 

 2. Improper elimination of feces and urine

Inappropriate urination and defecation are among the most frustrating behaviors of dogs. They can damage areas of your home and make your dog not welcome in public places or in the homes of others. potty training dogs is very important in order to live harmoniously with them.

Inappropriate elimination is inevitable in puppies, especially before 12 weeks of age. Older dogs are another story. Many dogs require a serious modification of the behavior to eliminate their habit, since you often have to alter their perception of themselves.

The best way to potty train a puppy is to set up a good training structure and adhere strictly to it. Firstly, locate a suitable place, and then take your puppy to the chosen spot whenever he wants to do his needs. This is also the easiest way to potty train a puppy, as it would result into an excretory routine which your puppy can easily familiarize himself with.

For more effectiveness of a puppy pee training, you can discuss this behavior with your veterinarian first to rule out health problems. If a medical cause is not found, then the points earlier highlighted would suffice adequately.

3. Chewing

Chewing comes as a behavioral problem if the dog causes destruction. The most common reasons why dogs chew are teething problems, curiosity and excess energy.

To prevent this, give your dog toys or objects that he can easily chew. Also, keep out of reach what you don’t want him to bite. If the dog has problems with chewing, when you are not at home, leave it locked or confined in an area where it does not cause destruction. When your dog surprises you by chewing what it shouldn’t, correct it immediately and replace the item with a chewable toy.

Another important thing you ought to do is to make sure your dog gets enough exercise. This way you can deplete its energy and make it sufficiently stimulated, which will reduce its need to chew.

4. Begging

Begging is a bad and ugly habit, but (although it may seem a lie), many dog ​​owners encourage it. This could result to digestive problems and obesity. Dogs plead because they love food. However, the remains of the table are not treats, and food is not to be loved excessively. Yes, it is difficult to resist that wistful, sad look they put on us (they are manipulative even if you don’t believe it), but giving in “just this time” creates a long-term problem. When we teach our dog that begging is allowed, you are sending the wrong message.

Before you sit down to eat, tell your dog to go to his place, preferably where he can’t look at you. If necessary, to another room. If he adheres to this, give him a gift as a reward for his good behavior, after you have finished eating.

In conclusion, dogs give their owners love and companionship, but very often, they also offer some surprises from time to time, such as a mess on the carpet, improper defecation or barking excessively. While dogs seem to offer their owners love and friendship almost immediately, learning to live according to the rules of a human family does not always come so easily. As a result, its best to seek for prompt assistance from professionals such as Kingdomofpets.

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