Today, getting a new puppy brings great joy, but potty training puppies can lead to frustration. Potty accidents with puppies usually occur when you start the relationship on the wrong leg. Without the right training, he will not have adequate knowledge on how to please you.

All dogs can undergo potty training at any age, but puppies learn much faster than adults. Usually, puppies are so cute that owners tend to forgive puppy accidents, but continuous tolerance would lead to formation of bad habits. As a result, potty training dogs has to be done properly so they can grow to be the best friend they should be.

Best way to potty train a puppy

Before potty training your puppy, he may not understand why you’re always angry when you get home and discover it has messed up the home. If he is punished but does not know what you want, he will think that you do not want it at all. Rubbing its nose into it will only confuse it more (imagine your puppy wondering, “Do you want me to eat that stuff?”). In short, punishment does more harm than good to potty puppies.

best way to potty train a puppy

Establish a structure and follow it

In the first days of potty training, you ought to ensure that the puppy has a place to make his needs. It should also be a place where he feels safe, and as well looks and smells known. Have you noticed how dogs often make their needs in the same place they did before? The reason is because the smell acts like a trigger.

After locating a suitable place, the next part is to start an excretory routine and familiarize your puppy with it. As habit animals, it is their nature to adhere to schedules. If your puppy is six to eight weeks old, you should relieve it after a few hours. With increasing age the frequency decreases and the bladder can be better controlled. At puppy age, take him to the assigned excrement area at the specific times of the day, such as after waking up in the morning, after a nap, eating, playing, training and just before bed.

Taking out your puppy at about the same time every day will be of great benefit to both of you. This is extremely helpful in setting up a routine for your puppy and helping him to learn and control his bladder until you take it out.

Now, you need to pick up signs that your puppy will display when it needs to be relieved. This is especially important when he is used to walking around freely. Be attentive and observe your dog’s behavior when it has to be relieved. For example, sniffing, circular movements, and staring hard at the door while attempting to get out.

You can train your dog with two more commands to understand the potty training faster. Use the command: Hurry up: or: Potty now: to associate it with the potty time. So say: hurry up: or: potty: in an encouraging tone, just when he has the urge. He’ll soon learn that when you say the command, he should start sniffing, circling, and then get down to business.

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When your puppy has done his needs successfully, it is important to reward his good behavior. It does not need to be a huge and noisy celebration, a simple quiet approval or a treat can send a message that it has done a good job. Also, do not punish your dog for an accident, or do anything that could create a negative association with his bodily functions. Stay calm and positive, and lead the puppy calmly to the place where you want him to go.

In conclusion, potty training dogs is an important step towards living happily with your puppy as highlighted above. Furthermore, one of the hardest experiences with every dog ​​owner is a potty training. No matter how many dogs you have trained in the past, it never stops being frustrating. Every dog ​​is different, and every dog learns at different rates. As a result, its best to seek the help of professionals such as Kingdomofpets.

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