If your cat also scratches home furniture, then you aren’t an alone person. Millions of cat lovers people face this situation every day. Although a cat looks cute while scratching furniture, but it increases the burden on your pocket. Yes, a cat may destroy the beauty of your furniture with her claws. Therefore, you need to get rid of this situation. It may be tough to find the best ways to stop cats from scratching furniture, but it is not an impossible thing. Here in this article, you will get 25 proven ways to stop cats from scratching furniture. So, give this article a full read to get multiple benefits from it.

Top 25 ways to stop a cat from scratching furniture

Top 25 ways to stop a cat from scratching furniture:

Here are the best ways that will help you to stop cat scratching furniture. Have a look at them as they will save your money.  

Never declaw your cats:

Declawing your cat is not an ideal solution to the problem. The Declawing is a process of removing last bone from every toe of your cats. It is done to stop the growth of claws again and again. But it may become problematic for the cats as nails are the essential part of the cat’s body. She may feel inconvenient and incomplete. Apart from this, the behavior of your cat will also change as you are doing wrong to her. She can bite you or can pee outside the litter box just because of her anger. Therefore, declawing your claws is not the right solution for furniture scratching problem. It is dangerous for the cat’s health.

Provide scratching posts to your cats:

The best solution to stop your cats from scratching the home furniture is to provide them scratching posts. Yes, the scratching posts are very much beneficial to save your home furniture from damaging. A kitten with an age of 6 weeks can start biting and scratching the sofa or other furniture with her claws. Therefore, it will become problematic for the homeowner to save the furniture. The best solution is to give them scratching posts at an early age.

In this age, they will learn to play with these posts that will be beneficial for you and themselves in the future. In this way, their behavior will also remain healthy. You can buy scratching posts from the vet stores or pet stores. On the other hand, you can also make them in your home if you don’t have enough budget. But in my opinion, it is one of the most effective methods to stop your cat from scratching furniture. It will also stop cat scratching carpet.

Get a cat scratch spray:

Another useful and right way is to use cat scratch spray on the furniture. Usually, a cat scratches furniture to mark its existence in the house. She wants to deliver a message to other cats that it is her territory. You can ditch your cat by using a spray. Whenever you spray on a piece of furniture, your cat will think that she already has scratched that particular place. She will probably find the other one by leaving that sprayed place. You can use different things like vinegar, citrus solutions, and cat spraying products. In this way, you can save your furniture from the scratches of your cat. Probably, this method is one of the simplest and easiest methods that one can choose for immediate results.

Cat scratch tapes are sufficient:

You can use cat scratching tape to save your leather furniture from the claws of your cat. It will also work on the fabric, hard surfaces, carpet, and even on walls. As the cat scratching tape is double-sided, so it will give a sticking function. All cats don’t like the feeling of stickiness; therefore, she will keep herself away from the furniture.

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Use cat nail caps or socks:

If you are going to declaw the cat, then you are doing wrong. You can use the alternative method of socks and nail caps. Yes, the socks or the nail caps will prevent furniture from the scratching of cat claws. You can also stick the nail caps on her feet for a long time with the help of glue. But if you have enough time for her care, then prefer socks over the nail caps.

Use vinyl guards for protection:

You can install clear vinyl panels on the expensive furniture items for more security. If your cat wants to scratch, then she will fail every time. These vinyl panels are available in the market in many sizes and designs. You can select the one according to your needs. Moreover, they are straightforward to install.

Apart from the above mentioned six ways to stop cats from scratching furniture, some other popular ways are available here.

  • You can trim the claws of your cat.
  • Use catnip or cat toys to divert her attention.
  • Cover all furniture items with a double-tape.
  • Use vinegar spray to keep cats away from expensive furniture.
  • As an alternative of vinegar, you can also use citrus sprays.
  • Admonish the cat’s body gently whenever she tries to scratch furniture.
  • Remove all cat’s pleasure-able aspects from your rooms.
  • Be patient and kindly treat her.
  • Appreciate the real purpose of clawing as it is suitable for our cat.
  • Strategically locate all scratching items.
  • Give training to your cat-related to scratching post.
  • You can use your tone to adjust her changed behavior.
  • Spray water on cat’s mouth to divert her attention.
  • Cover all furniture items adequately.
  • Use high noise product to make her feel disturbed.
  • Motion detector devices can also be ideal.
  • Allow your cat to spend some time outside the home.
  • Provide enough stimulation and exercise.
  • Use deterrents and double-sided tapes

These are the best and proven ways that will stop cat scratching precious furniture items. If you want to learn more ways to stop your cat from scratching the furniture, then you need to learn cat language. By learning the cat’s language, you can give proper order to cat. Get your cat language book now from this platform.