When we bring a puppy home for the first time, we always want to train him to know how to do things and obey. For this, it is essential to dedicate a lot of time and sometimes arm yourself with patience to get him to learn throughout the puppy training sessions.

Also, the vast intelligence of dogs allows them to learn a multitude of actions. With patience and perseverance, these actions are repeated almost mechanically. Of course, positive reinforcement is fundamental to encouraging obedience and for the dog to understand that he has nothing to fear when you ask him to do something.

It’s a pleasure to see how your animal can demonstrate intelligence when you teach him new things. It is, therefore, possible to successfully engage in extensive dog training at home. You can easily teach him many useful and entertaining activities.

In order to help you with dog training at home, below are some dog training techniques that you can administer to your dog and these are easy to implement.

Look at you - Dog Training at Home

1. Teach your dog to look at you. “Look” command:

One of the most essential aspects to train our dog is to get it to focus on us. Get the dog to keep his eyes on us and focus on you, regardless of the distractions around him is an excellent dog training technique to start with.

emergency call

2. Teach your dog the “emergency call”:

You can make your dog run towards you whenever you call him in any situation. This command is mostly used in emergencies, for example, when your dog may be about to get in front of a car that is moving.

Getting your dog trained to run towards you in an emergency could save his life. It must also be clear that this is a different command to the “come” command and should be practiced in a closed area to avoid mishaps.

Teach your dog to come when you call him

3. Teach your dog to come when you call him:

With regards to dog training at home, this is possibly the most basic order that every dog ​​should learn. You can use it for your dog to come if you take off the leash when it is in the yard, or to come closer to play.

It is essential to practice this training with good things, such as asking your dog to come to do things he likes. This way, it will be happier to come just in the moment.

dog with me - dog training at home

4. Teach your dog to walk without a leash. “With me” command:

With this command, you will train your dog to avoid pulling the leash. How many times have you gone for a walk and your dog continually pulls on the leash?

You have to make your dog walk in your path, in a relaxed way and for this, the with me” command is ideal. With the passage of time and much practice, you will get your dog to walk with you without using a leash.

5. Teach your dog to leave something alone. “Leave it” command:

A very useful command for our dogs is to teach them not to pick up something they approach. This is very useful to prevent them from eating something harmful in the street or prevent them from breaking any valuable object that we have in our house.

If your dog gets to learn this order, it could protect him from accidentally ingesting things that are dangerous to him.

One of the best ways to make your dog differentiate between “Yes” and “No” is to teach him the command “Leave” something alone. Gradually it will begin to distinguish between when it is “Yes” and when it is “No”.

6. Teach your dog to release something that has gotten into his mouth. “Release” command:

For many people who desire to engage in dog training at home, this command seems to be very difficult. But it is vitally important to teach your dog to release something that he has held in his mouth. Like the “Leave it” command, it can prevent your dog from ingesting anything poisonous or causing injury. It also prevents it from breaking material goods.

dog sit down - Dog Training at Home

7. Teach your dog to sit. “Sit” command:

Possibly the “Sit” command is one among the first command to teach your dog. It seems pretty basic but some people sometimes have trouble showing it to their dog.

Teaching your dog to sit can play a very important role in unwanted behaviors.

lay down - dog training at home

8. Teach your dog to lie down. “Lay down” command:

The lie down command is very interesting to control a series of common problems in the behavior of dogs. It is a training very similar to the “Sit” command, and it promotes relaxation in dogs that tend to get excited easily.

9. Teach your dog to be still. “Quiet” command:

No doubt teaching your dog to be still is one of the commands or exercises that seem most important to dog owners. This training could save your dog’s life and prevent and trigger of dangerous situations for your beloved dog.

If you get your dog to learn the “Quiet” command, you will better control the animal’s behavior both in public and in private.

dog wait - dog training at home

10. Teach your dog to wait. “Wait” command:

Teaching your dog the “Wait” command tends to keep the dog from moving until you give it permission. It is perfect to prevent a dog from going out the door when you are in the car for example.

With the “Wait” command, you will make your dog understand that he should not move for a period of time.

In conclusion, dogs are adapted to live in packs (groups of dogs) and in these groups there is a hierarchy. To this end, comfort dog training will make your pet see you as the pack leader and respect your commands. Furthermore, gone are the days when dog training was something for the few. Today, it is increasingly common for dog owners to hire specialists who provide professional dog training so as to ensure a better coexistence with their dog. There are many competent professionals who can help you with dog training, and one of such is Kingdomofpets.

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